About me…

I was born in 1982 in Glasgow, where I have grown up all of my life. Following my secondary school education at The Glasgow Academy, I studied at the University of Glasgow, where I graduated with an MA(Hons) in French Language and Literature in 2004. Returning as a Postgraduate the same year to read an MPhil in Information Management and Preservation, I left in January 2005 to work in our family business, Fleming Foods Ltd which I left in July 2008 and, after the passing of my father, closed down in October of the same year.

Karyn and I got married in July 2007 and set up home in Law, South Lanarkshire. We had our daughter Rachel on 23rd August 2008, who has brought us joy and happiness beyond comprehension.

In November 2007, I felt called to Ministry of Word and Sacrament in the Church of Scotland. With this in mind, I returned to Glasgow University in September 2008 to read Divinity. I graduated in June of 2011 and, after a month’s ‘holiday’, started my 15 month Probationary Placement at Trinity Parish Church, Hamilton.

Click here to see my CV
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One thought on “About me…”

  1. Jonathan, many congratulations on your acceptance from all the Anderson family.

    I remember when you started to take part within the morning worship at St. Andrews and i felt, you had a natural gift and passion for leading worship.

    My prayers are with you and Karyn, as you seek to grow, learn and teach. And please remember, where you go, our Lord goes with you also, to help you.


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