Difficult choices

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Last night was sore for me as I announced to the ten people at our CaféChurch gathering that we were going to take a break.

Just 18 months ago, there were over 50 people attending. Our U2charist service and Christian Aid service were standing room only! People from far and wide were asking to come and see CafèChurch with a view to starting their own in their parishes.

As some will know, Costa Coffee in Largs have been very supportive of CaféChurch. They have stayed open after closing to facilitate our gathering, which means staff working late and tidying up later to accommodate us. Yes, it means more coffee sales, but there is a point when you look around the shop and it just does not feel right having three staff staying and the lights burning energy for so few…

In the Book of Ecclesiastes, we read of how there is a time and a season for everything.

Is there a time to launch and a time to take a break?

Is there a time to mark time and a time to relaunch?

As painful as it was, I believed God telling me that there is last night…

It still hurts this morning. But no one said it would be easy…

Back to the drawing board.
Will keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Difficult choices”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Sorry to hear about cafe church. Sounded fab. Always remember where two or three are gathered ….Mathew 18:20. Perhaps a different venue may be the answer. I am sure during the break and your own reflections the hand of God will guide you. Take Care. Sally J.x

  2. The Lord will lead you I felt the same when we had to close down our Wednesday club He has us in His hands. God bless xx

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