As I enjoy a bit of time to myself while Rachel plays in a soft play area, I thought I would share some thoughts that surfaced over the course of today…
Rachel and I went for a haircut earlier today and while talking with the man cutting my mop, we talked about some of the things ministers and hairdressers share. One comment that he made was people tend to share a lot of the happy parts of life with a hairdresser as opposed to ministers, who share in grief or sadness (unless they are getting their hair cut for a funeral).
As I listened, I realised that I was very comfortable in discussing many aspects of what the future holds as well as the privilege of being a minister. Then I realised that I was looking at myself as we talked.
Do people open up more in this context because they are looking at themselves? Do people take a good look at themselves and decide to ‘reflect’ on what is going through their minds?
Do people see the hairdressers as a mirrored confessional where we empty our troubled minds and hearts before leaving with a clear head, a fresh style and a fresh outlook?
Over the summer months, the Spill the Beans material is focussing on the story of David from shepherd boy to sovereign ruler. In the series Windows to God…Mirrors of our Souls, we are using David’s story to reveal elements of God as well as reflect on aspects of our own lives…
What do we see in the mirror?
What do we see in ourselves?
Are we a true reflection of what is going on inside?


2 thoughts on “Reflections…”

  1. Do we reflect more in the chair because its one of the few times we stop in life. We are terrified of silence, so we fill it? Yet, a haircut cannot be rushed and therefore creates the space for reflection and space for oneself to be. To exist. To live. Is it one of the few places in left in our consumer based, fast paced culture where we are invited to know ourselves? One of the few places where we must practice self-care and self-knowledge?

    1. I think there are certainly some who fear silence, but sometimes there are those who like the ‘neutral territory’ of somewhere like a hairdressers. I agree that it is almost like a mini-retreat for many people who need to let off steam. It is amazing how safe one feels as your scalp and soul are soothed…

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