Agnus Dei

This song popped into my head last week so I decided to record it and share it.
Still not 100% sure on the lyrics, but they’ll do for now!

Excuse the piano playing – shouldn’t record first thing in the morning!

Click here for the MP3

Here are the lyrics so far:

Agnus Dei

Lamb of God (x3)
O Lord have mercy
Lamb of God (x3)
O Lord have mercy on me

1. In flesh you came
To dwell with us all
To teach love and acceptance
You touched and you healed
New hope you revealed
We thank you for your presence.

Lamb of God…

2. In bread and wine,
Broken and poured
Your blood and body given.
Betrayed, crucified,
Your suffered and died,
And yet you, Lord, were risen!

Lamb of God…



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